PRODUCTION DESIGN / ART DIRECTION   One of SA’s top production designers, Flo Ballack, collaborates with the director and director of photography to  establish a visual feel and the aesthetics of the project from inception to completion. With 16 years experience  and having worked on a huge variety of feature films and Television series, she has successfully managed to  balance her boundless visual creativity and love for design with a disciplined awareness of budgets, schedules  and crew management. Luminaries such as Terry George, Carol Ballard and Richard E Grant as well as diverse  production companies such as BBC, Reeleyes films, Muthi films, Quizzical Pictures and Bottomline entertainment  have all relied on her to create spectacular, multidimensional sets and environments. The Art department sports a  talented group of people who work with Flo to implement the scenic elements of that vision. Whether she is   designing a 30-second television commercial, a music video, a two-hour feature film, a party for the Jozi stars or  an African village for a documentary, she possesses the rare ability to work calmly and methodically through  would-be problems while maintaining the vision and confidence necessary to see the finished product —long  before it has been completed. It is this marriage of equanimity and imagination that allows her to adapt quickly  under pressure and lead her crew of talented artisans through the obstacles inherent in any creative process and  has also earned her SAFTA award nominations for seven years in a row as well as two AMAA nominations.