Some of our most memorable sets include:  The new interiors for McCann Erickson advertising HQ  The “people crawling out of the walls” for WD&A ad agency The earthy showroom for Communicasuals promo house  The Investment bank interiors for The LAB TV series  The various sets for The Home Movie Factory inspired by Michel Gondry  The fantasy sets and spaceship interiors for the feature film Sumuru  The trailerpark, Zen shrink’s office and newspaper HQ for Getroud met rugby 4  The Copper and Brass reception/showroom for Hightide print  The “Kiss me quick” bar for KMQ  The hotel lobby and suites for Hotel Rwanda The farmhouse in the film Duma  The Electrical appliance store that we created and then blew up for Jerusalema The Magazine HQ in The Mating game TV series  The 60’s classy house in Swaziland used for Richard E Grant’s film, Wah-Wah The wacky spacey UV decor for Funkehouse  The classy interiors for Quisisana boutique guesthouse The Natures cove A-frame holiday house we created in Joberg for the film Sleeperswake  The zany, exagerated sets and props we created for british series, Uncle Max  The African villages and Sangoma’s huts we made for The Calling and Lion of Njombe Michael Q’s Retro city warehouse loft
INTERIORS  The Art department has created so many exciting projects, from showrooms, and clubs to  private interiors and many film sets, always priding ourselves in combining classic functional  art pieces and interesting finds with bright colours or whites, and often using recycled  materials. We pride ourselves in being original rather than limiting ourselves to what can be  found in decorating magazines and showrooms but still yet we still stay in keeping with the  latest trends.